Services Provided Include:

  • Natural Hoof Care - Trimming

$40.00  -  $50.00  -  Maintenance or corrective trimming  /
per horse at 6-12 week intervals. Price is determined by
hoof condition and horse behaviour.

  •   Hot Shoeing and Fitting  

$120.00 - All four hooves.

$75.00 - Front hooves only.

Extra charges will apply for pads, wedges, bar shoes and
impression material. One heat modifications such as clips,
roll toe or rocker toe will not be charged.

  •  Please provide a safe, clean and dry place to work
    for shoeing.  Insure horses will stand for work.

Note  - These prices are valid only within the Pocatello area.
15 mile radius from city limits.
Out of area add  $.50 / per mile of travel - round trip.

  • Easyboot Epic,  Delta boot - Fitting.
As part of my service we will fit your horses for
hoof boots after the first maintenance trim. This is due
to flares and other anomalies in the hoof that can affect
boot size at the time of the initial rough out trim.

  • Free consulting
Please fill out the form within the Contact us page.

Progressive Hoof Care
Darrell Covert, CHCP - PF   
Certified Hoof Care Professional

Professional Farrier

Pocatello and S.E. Idaho in         
Natural Hoof Care and Farrier services

Liberated Horsemanship Certified 2008

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Cell:    (208) 406-8613
The Progressive Hoof - Services

Cell:    (208) 406-8613
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