The Progressive Hoof - Gallery  
Toe or quarter clips
Are sometimes required to reduce the shear forces on nails to help weak hooves. A farrier can also use less nails.
Here I am fitting an Arab with a front toe clip.
Handmade shoes
Here I have applied a handmade shoes with a toe clips. Handmade shoes can be advantages with regards to nail placement and
providing 1/2 sizes for better fit and many other reasons
This horse has been  barefoot for years and kept on a good schedule. The pea gravel paddock really helps with keeping the sole smooth,
uniform and fairly hard.
Rocky Mountain Gaited Horse, not trimmed for several months. Typical maintenance trim.
This Donkey was successfully released from its neglectful owner. Here I am helping the new owner. Hooves like these are
susceptible to prolapsed inner structures and care must be taken not to be too aggressive in trimming. Properly mapping the
foot before using a hacksaw is how the excess hoof was removed.
These donkeys (three total) were in bad shape and probably had not been trimmed in three years. A court order finally stepped in to allow me
to help these poor creatures. I was being assisted by a deputy sheriff and an inmate helper. A local animal welfare group is attempting to get
these animals released from their owner. After mapping these deformed hooves, I was able to utilize a hacksaw to remove the excess hoof
material, then complete the trimming.